Find Your Own Happiness - A Story of Balinese Hindus Divorced Woman

Hindu civil code permits divorce on certain grounds and yet the religion does not approve divorce as the concept is alien to Hinduism. For Balinese families, Balinese Hindus divorced woman has more consequences compare to other cultures. 

Due to the customs and traditions in Balinese society, if a woman gets divorced, she will lose all the family, community, and no financial support.  The Balinese system is patriarchal and so the children belong to the father's family. As a result, Balinese women lose rights in their children if they divorce and nearly always result in a poor outcome for the wife as they will not get any financial support after the divorce. 

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2015

Bali, Indonesia, July 19 - 25, 2015

Mentored by James Whitlow Delano, Kael Alford, and Thorne Anderson

Title: Find Your Own Happiness

Produced & Photographed by Okky Ardya

Script & Text by Okky Ardya

Voice Over by Dewi Shumi

Edited by Thorne Anderson & Kael Alford

With Special Thanks To:

Christina Juwono & Family

Dewi Shumi

Adhytia Putra 

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